Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yet Again.........

Here I am again. But this time I'm doing it. I am going to keep myself going by blogging about my day and my successes and failures. I had diet coke today but the upside is that I have been drinking more water. I have lost 1 lb so far this week. Hopefully with exercise it Will melt off! Lol

Monday, February 27, 2012

Doing it AGAIN, but......

It is the LAST time!

So I have gained the weight I lost back. No excuses but it has been a rough year & a half. Anyway, Wednesday I decided to give up all soda. Can I say.... Headache!!! I had caffeine headaches all weekend, but I decided that had to be my first step. Next was to not eat sweets. Yes on special occasions it is ok, but only once in awhile! Last, exercise 4-6 days a week. So far so great. I feel better and happier. So off I go on my next adventure. I would like to run another half marathon next fall. But we will see where life takes me!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm Back, kind of

I haven't posted on here in over a year. It has been a tough year for me physically and mentally. I had Faith in April last year, then ran a half marathon, struggled with post partum depression, and worst of all I gained my weight back.

We moved two weeks ago to Canada and I decided I needed to start fresh. So I have been walking but not doing well on eating. Moving will do that to you,;). But this morning I ran 1.5 miles! I was SLOW, but I did it. I felt like I had before. I just enjoyed it! I know it is weird to say but, you get in a grove and you can just keep going.

So I am starting again, and I am excited! Blake wants me to sign up for the race around the bay, which is about 35 kilometers = 18 miles. I have not run more than 14, so it might be interesting. I am still deciding, but I think it would be a worthy goal for me next year! Lol

Well I hope to post once a week on my progress. Wish me luck!

Location:Brantford, Ontario

Sunday, August 29, 2010

14 miler

Today I ran 14 miles, my longest run ever! It was a balmy 73 degrees. If you don't know much about running, 73 is hot! 55 degrees is the ideal temperature to run.

Normally I would have been excited for 73 since it has been hot, but this week it got down below 60! So I had some awesome runs this week! Which kind of made this run hard.

When it is cooler running is fun and exciting for me. When it is warm, it is hard and sometimes grueling!!! So I need to be grateful for those times when it is a joy and get through the ones that aren't.

I guess that is why running is quite often compared to life! There are so many similarities! Enjoy the good times and remember them when you are going through the bad!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life since San Fran

So I don't think I have written anything since San francisco. I am back to training for another half in October. But ultimately I am training for a Marathon. Yes, a marathon. When making my training schedule, I didn't make it for a half, I made it for a full.

Blake is running the Tulsa full, and I want to run it too. I was going to sign up next week, but I also have to make sure we have babysitters.

Anyway, running has been hard. It has been hot and we just got back from traveling last week, then Blake went out of town. So it has been crazy. I think when the girls are back in school and we all have a better routine, we will all be happier. Which means momma will be happier and run better. I have been 30 sec slower. I don't know exactly why but I know I need to loose AT LEAST 50 lbs! So that is going along with all my running goals!

Oh, I am not cutting my hair until the Ogden marathon next may! Fun!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm a half marathoner!!!

I ran my first half this morning. The day started with Blake leaving for his marathon. Sara was awake at 4am, and couldn't go back to sleep. I laid by her, and she finally fell asleep. Then Faith woke up to eat. During this time I was sleepy but mostly ready to go. I fed Faith and "rested my eyes" while she ate. She got done at 6:10 and I needed to leave by 6:30. So with Vicki's help, I did.

I got to the bus that would take me to my start line in Golden Gate Park. I met Jamie. She is from Anehiem, and lives next to Disneyland. She was a nice lady and was fun to talk with. We stayed together until the race started. She was walking & I was running.

While we were waiting for our wave to start, we watched for Blake. The marathoners ran right by us. I was watching and found him. I waved and when he got closer he came and gave me a kiss! It is just what I needed! I had never run my first race by myself. I was so nervous. But when I saw him, I knew I could do it!

My plan was to run a 2hr 45 min half marathon. Which means I would run 12min 35sec miles. Well I started running and I was running 11:45. I thought my watch was broken!!! I ran that the whole way. I felt awesome. I didn't get sore until the last 3 miles. The Golden Gate Park was beautiful! It was a wonderful way to see San Francisco! So my time on my watch was 2:35! That's 10 minutes faster than my goal!

I am a very blessed woman! God has given me three beautiful and healthy daughters, and a husband who loves, supports & pushes me! I am so grateful to both Blake's family and my family, who cheer us on and make it possible for us to do what we have come to love...Running! I am truly grateful for all of my blessings!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

12 miles, check!

Today was my last long training run! I did it, 12 miles! It's the furthest I have ever run. Not as fast as I wanted but that is ok. I am not far off the time I want to run! My hip is still annoying, and hopefully with a little rest it will be better. Now I taper until the half marathon in San Fransisco in two weeks.

I can't believe it has come so fast. I remember when I decided to run this race. Now it is two weeks away! I can't wait!

I had the greatest help today! Blake, Emma, Sara & Faith came and helped me. It made my run easier, and they cheered me on. I loved hearing Emma & Sara cheer, "go mama go"! I am so grateful that I have such a great and supportive family! I couldn't do this running thing without them!